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Get a Read and Change How You're Playing

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Being predictable when playing in a cash game of poker can easily and quickly dissolve your bankroll.  It is important to add variety to the way you play.  You can always try to keep with a certain image if you like but you should occasionally mix up your play when playing against experienced players.


If you want to increase your earnings when playing with experienced players the best strategy learn their habits.  Once you learn their tendencies and adjust your own play you should be successful in winning.  It is important as you mix up your play to learn how to play the player.

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“Playing the Player”


When playing online poker in a good room you may notice that as you advance from the lower limit tables up to the higher or no limit tables that your opponents usually become increasingly more difficult to beat.  As your opponents become tougher to beat it is essential that you continue to mix up your play in order to keep the upper hand at the table, if you don’t the other players will have no problem reading you and how you play. 


Most players that populate the lower limit tables are not afraid to call any hand.  These are usually people who are merely attempting to win some money or who just enjoy the excitement of gambling.  The best strategy to have at a table like this is to simply play your cards.  Occasionally it is okay to bluff at this particular type of table but generally playing your cards is the best idea.


Choice of Game


Mixing up your play in poker is the most rewarding when done at the higher limit tables.  Sticking to the basics and really playing your cards is best kept to the lower limit tables.  However if you are playing a tight lower limit table and you feel your opponents are quite good you can occasionally bluff and still come out ahead.  This is something best done rarely as most of the players at lower limit tables are still not advanced enough to successfully bluff.


Plan Ahead


Mixing up your poker playing guide is something you should visualize, as you can be more successful in succeeding when you state your purpose or visualize to yourself what your goals are.  Once you have singled out an opponent whose chips you want to win you need to study him or her until you feel you know them well.  Watch every hand, how it is bet, when they raise, when they fold, because this will all be helpful in your success when you decide to go head to head on a pot with this opponent.  You should feel that you know your opponent well enough that when you decide to put your money on the line with him or her you will be confident that you will be getting it all back as well as some of his or her money.


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